Presenting a culmination of ten years of cannabis, all tied into one strain. Redwoods is unique because it taps into the best old school strains: Animal Cookies, OGKB, and Blue Dream crossed with real Fire OG and Cherry Garcia, which has Animal Cookies in it again and again, back-crossed to Animal Cookies BX4. A rainbow terpene profile allows this strain to check all boxes; its gassy limonene terps are anti-anxiety, anti-cancer, and anti-stress, while on the other side, the humulene terps are insanely fruity, bringing all spectrums of hard candy flavors in each pheno. Sweet, gassy, citrus, rose, and earth flavors burst forth. We chose this strain to use in our reverse because of how fast the Redvinez sold out and because of the yield that Cement Shoes brings to the table. Finishing in 9 weeks of flower, patients are left with a euphoric release of pain and stress.

You can’t go wrong with organic ocean grown seeds. We strive to bring the best of the best to the study of the world of morphology.

Buy four packs and get the fifth one for free. If you choose to buy four packs of the same strain, you get to choose your free pack.

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