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Unicorn Laserz


Unicorn Laserz
Unicorn Rainbows X Redwood Project
Unicorn Rainbows: Unicorn Cakes X Pink Runtz
Redwood Project: Redvinez X Cement Shoes
Redvinez: Fire OG X Cherry Garcia X Animal Cookies BX4


6 seeds per pack.

Our certified purple cultivar, Unicorn Rainbows, brings so much to the table. With Unicorn Sherbert and Powder Cakes, our elite 2018 strains, now presented to you in the year 2023, are back-crossed to a true candy dessert. Dominated by limonene, it offers an earthy, gassy aroma with a random spectrum of sweet and sour on the back end. This strain is specially designed for mood balancing, but it is also special due to its anti-carcinogenic properties and its ability to help dissolve gallstones. We are here to provide medicine for our patients. Organically grown with DNA finishing in 8-9 weeks, it yields extraordinarily while still providing an adequate terpene profile, making it a well-balanced strain.

Bred by Universally Seeded
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Unicorn Laserz
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