Ice Cream Cake

We been up in Northern California a long time. Coming across thousands and thousands of processed units. So many variations and crosses of what we know as ice cream cake, LCG, Gelato, Runtz. What a lot of us don’t know as a collective group is that ICC variations are the most popular strain on the planet next to Blue Dream. The Gelato 33 in this cross is one of the most dominant strains to date the industry has ever seen. Functional, gassy, earthy, and creamy, it checks every box. The Wedding Cake is also a heavy-hitting yielding plant, but comes with a sleepy side in some variations. We grabbed the strongest flavored ICC that leaned towards myrcene and away from the sleepy cake variation.

Our pheno was used this season to grow 30 acres of canopy totaling almost 20,000 units of flower. We are here to chase people’s needs; this is not a hype game anymore. Provide the medicine that the people need, not what is being marketed as the next big thing to increase revenue and make more profit.

The Ice Cream Cake tissue culture pheno we used is going to be a fast finisher, pushing in with color at 6-8 weeks.

This is not an autoflower but a true winner in production and quality.

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