Universally Seeded - Pink Runtz collection

Welcome to an in-depth exploration of Universally Seeded – Pink Runtz collection, an impressive lineup of masterfully crafted strains, each promising a unique growing experience and a diverse spectrum of effects and flavors. Let’s embark on this journey, acquainting ourselves with each of these magnificent strains.

Bubba's Triad Runtz

Bubba Kush X Pink Runtz

Bubba’s Triad Runtz represents an exceptional merger of two legendary strains: Bubba Kush and Pink Runtz and Runtz. Bubba Kush contributes the soothing, almost tranquilizing effects that have made it a favorite among those seeking relaxation or battling insomnia. Pink Runtz, a strain celebrated for its candy-like sweetness and uplifting effects, rounds off this Triad. 

The result? A potent strain that tickles the palate and soothes the senses.

Pink Sunset

Sunset Sherbert X Pink Runtz

Blending the soothing effects of Pink Runtz with the robust, earthy tones of Sunset Sherbet, Pink Sunset is your go-to strain for a calm evening. The strain offers a mellow, relaxed high, perfectly complementing the Sherbert’s rich, complex profile, while the sweetness of Runtz provides a perfect end-note to your day.

Pink Abduction

Alien OG X Pink Runtz

With Pink Abduction, you’re embarking on a voyage of epicurean delight. Its lineage stems from the Pink Runtz family, borrowing the sweet, fruity allure that made its parent famous. The second parent, Alien Abduction, is an indica-dominant strain known for its uplifting effects, creating a balanced journey that blends full-bodied relaxation with a spirited cerebral high.

Pink Cereal Puffs

Wedding Pie X Pink Runtz

Pink Cereal Puffs intertwines the candy-like sweetness of Pink Runtz with the grainy, wholesome flavors of Cereal Milk. This strain is as refreshing as a bowl of morning cereal, balanced with the uplifting effects of Runtz that keeps you cheerful and energized throughout the day.


Barry White X Pink Runtz

When it comes to strength and vigor, few strains compare to Pink Power. Descended from Pink Runtz and Barry White, this strain offers an invigorating blend of hard-hitting effects and sweet, mouthwatering flavors. Pink Powerzzz, a potent sativa, bestows an energizing, sociable effect, making Pink Power perfect for gatherings or creative pursuits.

Pink Pound Cake

London Pound Cake X Pink Runtz

Pink Pound Cake combines the deliciously sweet, candy-like taste of Pink Runtz with the hearty, dense flavors of London Pound Cake. The result is a strain that not only tantalizes your palate but also provides a potent combination of uplifting, cerebral effects from Runtz and a relaxing, calming undertone from Pound Cake. This strain is a treat for the senses, perfect for indulging after a long day.

Pink runtz S1

Pink Runtz X Pink Runtz

Pink Runtz S1 is the epitome of stellar genetics, carrying forward the legacy of its parent, Pink Runtz. With a lineage boasting of a unique blend of Gelato and Zkittlez, this strain presents a perfect harmony of invigorating cerebral stimulation and full-bodied tranquility. Its tantalizingly sweet flavor profile, combined with vibrant, multicolored hues, makes Pink Runtz S1 an irresistible strain for any connoisseur.

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