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Pink Sunset X Redwood Project

Pink Sunset: Sunset Sherbert X Pink Runtz
Redwood Project: Redvinez X Cement Shoes
Redvinez: Fire OG X Cherry Garcia X Animal Cookies BX4


6 seeds per pack.

This is an official house-cut-only strain. Pink Sunset has done so much for our community with it’s fuel based terpenes. It brings everything to the Redwoods to create a true exotic strain. OGKB lineage, a true anti-depressant medicine, with a hard cherry chocolate relaxing myrcene profile. This plant will go super dark in colors, having a neon purple with hints of blue and red. We want everyone to have something different from the rest, a true niche. This one is and will finish in 8-9 weeks and have a large stack and dense structure. The vibe of the eagle flying around the Redwood National Park forest and hunting for owls.

Bred by Universally Seeded
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