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White Twizzlers


White Twizzlers
(White Runtz X Afghani) X Redwood Project
Afghani: Hindu Kush X Trainwreck X Landrace Afghani
Redwood Project: Redvinez X Cement Shoes
Redvinez: Fire OG X Cherry Garcia X Animal Cookies BX4


6 seeds per pack.

Looking for an insane mold resistant plant that bugs will never touch? Want that dead head OG stack and structure with the yield OG big bud or blue dream? The White Twizzler is a force to be recon with. Hindu Skunk white Runtz gassss is the strong aroma of candy on the back end. This 9-12 week strain will drop stacks of bounty your eyes will not believe. If you never have grown cannabis or have been doing this a long time this strain is for you. Patients are left in awe utilizing this gassy floaty cerebral buzzing strain that will have you relaxed and kicking your feet up will lacking procrastination of deep thoughts and problem solving. Enjoy!

Bred by Universally Seeded
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White Twizzlers: A Blend of Excellence


Unique Genetic Blend White Twizzlers shines as a hybrid, combining the sweet euphoria of White Runtz with robust Afghani strains. The Afghani side, a mix of Hindu Kush, Trainwreck, and native strains, adds unmatched resilience.

Redwood Project’s Influence Then, the Redwood Project steps in. It merges Redvinez with Cement Shoes, adding layers of complexity. Redvinez itself fuses Fire OG’s zest, Cherry Garcia’s sweetness, and Animal Cookies BX4’s richness.

Rich Aromatic Profile As a result, growers will witness plants that are tough and buds that are trichome-rich. They offer a bounty of aromas, blending sweet, spicy, and earthy tones.

Versatile Effects Also, White Twizzlers provides balanced effects. It suits quiet reflection or social fun. This adaptability makes it a go-to for many occasions.

A Cultivator’s Statement Moreover, choosing White Twizzlers is choosing excellence. Every Universally Seeded’s seed is a commitment to quality. It’s a standout choice for any garden.

Opportunity for Cultivation Finally, with seeds now on offer, growers can explore top-tier breeding. Each seed promises a journey into a storied lineage, showcasing the best in cannabis genetics.

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White Twizzlers
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