Zebra Gummiez


Zebra Gummiez
Another phenotype of:
Storm Shelter* X Cement Shoes
*Sluricane X Cement Shoes

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6 seeds per pack.

Zebra Gummiez is a harmonious fusion of Storm Shelter (Sluricane X Cement Shoes) and Cement Shoes, where the artistry of genetics collides to craft a strain that is truly one-of-a-kind. The synergy of these parent strains creates a profile that is a playground for the senses, from aroma to effect. This strain’s unique attributes make it an embodiment of our commitment to innovation and excellence in the world of cannabis cultivation. Zebra Gummiez treats your senses to a symphony of aromas that range from earthy undertones to sweet and citrusy overtones. Each inhalation reveals a complex medley of scents that evoke images of sunlit meadows and exotic fruits. As the flavors unfold upon your palate, you’ll experience the merging of these notes, resulting in an experience that dances across your taste buds.

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Zebra Gummiez