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Pink Cereal Puffs


Pink Cereal Puffs
Wedding Pie X Pink Runtz
Wedding Pie: Wedding Cake X Grape Pie



6 seeds per pack.

Yield: medium – high.

Pink Cereal Puffs is not recommended for beginner growers. If  you are a beginner grower you should choose Orange an Berriez 

Start your day off right with the star of the show, Pink Cereal Puffs. This mighty, heavy yield is mold resistant and bug resistant. Taking center stage is the grape gas cake Skittles flavor. This strain will upstage the others for years to come, and will always be a scene-stealer.

Profile picture: grown and documented by : @foxhollowflora , @mindset.city

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Start your mornings with Pink Cereal Puffs, the new showstopper from Universally Seeded. A feminized wonder, this strain combines the best of Wedding Pie and Pink Runtz, with Wedding Pie itself being a delightful mix of Wedding Cake and Grape Pie. Each pack promises six seeds, ready to blossom into medium to high-yielding plants.

Pink Cereal Puffs isn’t just about the yields. It’s built to resist mold and pests, ensuring a robust grow. The flavor? A standout grape gas cake with a hint of Skittles that lingers on the palate. Get ready for this strain to take the spotlight in your collection and remain a top performer for years. It’s not just a strain; it’s a show-stopping experience.


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Pink Cereal Puffs
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