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Pink Jelly


Pink Jelly
Grape Jelly X Pink Runtz
Grape Jelly: OG Glue X Sweet Purple D


6 seeds per pack.

Yield: medium – high

This strain is skunk-ruled, with the aroma of candy glue and purple diesel, crowned with a fine spray of sorbet. The yield is medium to high and it stacks like diesel; its structure being extra dense.

Grape Jelly develops teardrop-shaped buds with green and purple foliage that is slowly overtaken with resin as the buds mature. Grape Jelly can obliterate anxiety while keeping the consumer’s mind clear. The lingering buzz rests in the body, but keeps the mind focused and centered. This strain is a great option for reducing stress and anxiety while maintaining productive energy.

Product Gallery: Pink Jelly grown and documented by: @vasmokemakr @urbangrowerkc @quedaimonia @masta.twitch

Pink Jelly grow log by: @vasmokemakr – CLICK HERE

Bred by Universally Creative
Universally Seeded subsidiary. 
You may check our photo documentation on Pink Jelly under THIS link.

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