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Unicorn Chem


Unicorn Chem
Chem 91 X Unicorn Sherbert
Chem 91: unknown
Unicorn Sherbert: Sherbert (Girl Scout Cookies X Pink Candy) X Kurple Fantasy


6 seeds per pack.

Unveil the enigmatic allure of Unicorn Chem, an extraordinary fusion of Chem 91 and Unicorn Sherbert. Like a tale whispered in shadows, Chem 91, also known as “Chem #91” or “Chemdog 91,” is a hybrid shrouded in secrecy. Its origins, attributed to the legendary East Coast breeder known as Chemdog, hold an air of mystique, with rumors hinting at a possible Thai landrace strain connection. Speculated to be an offshoot of the original Chemdog, the “91” in its name is said to signify the year of its inception.

Within the family of Chemdog strains, Chem 91 stands out with its pungent aroma, often likened to diesel with hints of pine and lemon. This hybrid’s essence captivates the senses, drawing you into a world of intrigue and wonder. While most Chem 91 crops tend to lean towards sativa characteristics, a few indica variants may grace select dispensary and retail shelves.

Now, brace yourself for the magic of Unicorn Sherbert intertwining with Chem 91. A captivating cross between Sherbert (the delightful pairing of Girl Scout Cookies and Pink Candy) and the illustrious Kurple Fantasy, Unicorn Sherbert enchants with its alluring blend of flavors and a purple hue that conjures visions of amazement.

As Unicorn Chem blends the finest traits of these two mesmerizing strains, it bestows upon you a cerebral buzz that awakens the imagination and lifts the spirit. Like a wizard’s spell, it leaves you spellbound in its embrace.


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