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Space Sherbert


Space Sherbert
Space Runtz X Unicorn Sherbert
Space Runtz: Runtz X Candy Rain by TikiMadman
Unicorn Sherbert: Sherbert X Kurple Fantasy made by Universally Seeded for Cult Classics Seeds.


6 seeds per pack.

Space Sherbert is a cross between Space Runtz (Runtz X Candy Rain) X Unicorn Sherbert (Sherbet X Kurple Fantasy). Space Sherbert is a fantasy creature that wants to show you another side of the world. It’s breath smells like a thousand perfect fruits from all of the fields and forests we know, and from more magical lands on the border of the real and the imaginary. Deep within its center you can almost taste some few fruits that have never existed anywhere at all. Ride on its back over the rainbows of to its fantasy homeland, and feel time stretch out before you for as long as you wish to stay dreaming. Space Sherbert is heavily resinated and oiled, is high in terpenes, and can have a pheno time of 60 days. An easy, full, and consistent growee that will work its magic for the pure and the hunters of rare beasts alike. Space Unicorn does not show up every day, make sure you don’t let this one slip your lead.

Product Gallery: Grown and documented by: @dirty630grow and @bayside_gas757 @breedseeds
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Space Sherbert
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