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Cement Shoes S1


Cement Shoes S1

Made in collaboration with Cult Classics Seeds

Cement Shoes S1 was developed by Universally Seeded in collaboration with Cult Classics Seeds. Cult Classics Seeds provided viable female clones, which were then used to create feminized pollen by Universally Seeded. If you have any doubts, please do not hesitate to reach out to us via email.


6 seeds per pack.

Cement Shoes is a coveted fast-vegging strain bred from ’09 Animal Cookies and OGKB X Wet Dream. Phenotypes vary with some being almost identical to OGKB and others display traits of Animal Cookies mixed with old school Erkle and hints of lemon.

Sedentary and satisfied, users keep coming back for more of the blissful easy breezy feeling. Cement Shoes strain produces a medium-high yield after a 7.5- to 9.5- week flowering period. ***Excellent choice for high yield dry sift hash.***

Product gallery: Grown and documented by: @shaun.keiser788 , @stormcannabis (documented by: @terpcam ) , @hermitro , @cosmic.cultivator , @mindmatter440, @gingergrower @thevictory_garden @flyingfish420

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Cement Shoes S1, an innovative strain developed through the collaborative efforts of Universally Seeded and Cult Classics Seeds, represents a significant advancement in cannabis cultivation. This feminized strain, available in packs of six seeds, is a testament to the power of expert breeding and shared knowledge.

Firstly, Cement Shoes S1 originates from expertly selected female clones provided by Cult Classics Seeds. Subsequently, these clones were used by Universally Seeded to create feminized pollen. As a result, this meticulous process ensures a high-quality, stable strain with remarkable characteristics.

Moreover, Cement Shoes S1 distinguishes itself with its rapid vegetative growth and diverse phenotypes. Its genetic makeup combines ’09 Animal Cookies and OGKB X Wet Dream, leading to a variety of expressions. For instance, some phenotypes closely mirror OGKB, while others uniquely blend traits of Animal Cookies, old school Erkle, and hints of lemon.

Furthermore, Cement Shoes S1 offers more than just impressive genetics. Users particularly appreciate its sedative effects, describing the experience as blissfully relaxing and consistently satisfying. Therefore, it’s an excellent choice for those seeking tranquility and a stress-free state.

In addition, Cement Shoes S1 is notable for its cultivation benefits. It yields a medium to high output after a flowering period of 7.5 to 9.5 weeks. Also, it’s an exceptional choice for producing high-yield dry sift hash, enhancing its appeal to growers.

Finally, for those with any questions or doubts, the team behind Cement Shoes S1 is always ready to help. Reach out via email to gain a deeper understanding of this remarkable strain and its cultivation aspects.

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Cement Shoes S1
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