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Pink Granita


Pink Granita
Italian Shoes X Honey Octane Rockz
Italian Shoes: Gelato 33 X Cement Shoes
Honey Octane Rockz: Unicorn Sherbert X Wedding Cake X Freshies X Pink Runtz


6 seeds per pack.

Broad-spectrum hard candy with a creamy, gummy flavor bursting with lychee. Ready for some twisted genetics? This one will touch everything you need: the yield of Blue Dream and the flavor and density of new-age cultivars. Short and to the point, being done in 7-9 weeks. You won’t be stressing over this one, as it was made for full-term outdoor and tested true to 15 weeks. No mold, no bugs, no issues to show in the growth process. No trellising at 8 feet, this baby is truly the definition of perfection. Enjoy as a functional day-to-day use cannabis.

Bred by Universally Seeded

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Pink Granita: A Strain for Every Grower and Connoisseur

Unveiling Pink Granita Discover Pink Granita, a top-tier cannabis seed from Universally Seeded. This feminized strain is a blend of Italian Shoes and Honey Octane Rockz. Each pack offers six seeds, ensuring a garden of quality.

Genetic Richness Pink Granita combines Gelato 33 and Cement Shoes with a mix of Unicorn Sherbert, Wedding Cake, Freshies, and Pink Runtz. This blend creates a unique flavor and effect profile.

Easy and Robust Growth This strain is a grower’s dream. It’s resilient and quick to flower, taking 7-9 weeks. Pink Granita is ideal for both indoor and outdoor setups. It’s resistant to mold and pests, making it low-maintenance.

Flavor and Effects Enjoy a candy-like flavor with a creamy, lychee twist. Pink Granita offers a balanced high, perfect for daily use. It’s suitable for both relaxation and creative activities.

Perfect for Every Collection Pink Granita, bred by Universally Seeded, is a must-have. It’s a testament to advanced cannabis breeding, ideal for growers and users alike. Add Pink Granita to your collection for a top-notch cannabis experience.

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Pink Granita
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