Red Banger


Red Banger
(Redvinez X Cement Shoes) X (Sherbanger #22 X Afghani)
Redvinez: Fire OG X Chery Garcia X Animal Cookies BX4
Afghani: Hindu Kush X Trainwreck X Landrace Afghani


16 seeds per pack.

Dive into the depth of Red Banger. A cross of Redvinez with Cement Shoes, it blends Fire OG, Chery Garcia, and Animal Cookies BX4. Sherbanger #22 and Afghani add an earthy punch. It’s a robust, flavorful strain with a resonant high.

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Red Banger from Universally Seeded is a bold strain that packs a punch. It’s a cross between Redvinez and Cement Shoes, further enhanced with Sherbanger #22 and Afghani genetics. Redvinez itself is a fiery mix of Fire OG, Chery Garcia, and Animal Cookies BX4, delivering a rich tapestry of flavors.

The addition of Sherbanger #22 and the legendary Afghani, with its Hindu Kush and Trainwreck heritage, brings a profound depth to Red Banger. This strain is perfect for those seeking a robust and flavorful hit with a classic, earthy finish. Enjoy the deep, resonant high that Red Banger provides.

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Red Banger
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