Powder Cakes F3


Powder Cakes F3
Powder Cakes F2 X Powder Cakes F2

Powder Cakes made with Cult Classics Seeds:
Wedding Cake X Freshies*
*Animal Cookies X OGKB X OGKB X Ultraviolet OG by CultClassicsSeeds


16 seeds per pack.

Troop into a mountain lodge after a long day in the snow and soothe your weary bones with a sampling from Powder Cakes F3’ wunderkammer of desserts. This shapeshifter strain can grow into many different forms, all with a sticky-sweet finish. Your flowers might take the flavor of sugarcloud doughnuts drizzled with lemon and dark forest oils, sour purple lemon tarts, or warm funnel cakes with sweet berries piled on top – you’ll never know until you take a bite.

The early growth stages can be slow, with short internode spacing and great stacking, but once this strain begins to flower, it blooms fully and will give you a plentiful harvest.
Powder Cakes F3 is also notable for the slick, perfect resin rails it can produce. Welcome to the wedding!

Product Gallery: Powder Cakes grown and documented by: @gwalch_greysky, @solarapex503

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