Pink Jungle


Pink Jungle
Jungle Sunset X Pink Sunset
Pink Sunset : Sunset Sherbert X Pink Runtz

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6 seeds per pack.

We all love wedding cake, a staple of the industry with its dessert cream filling overlapped with that original OG myrcene terpene. We all need a plant that will finish fast while producing a heavy yield. The Pink Sunset puts a heavy stacking into a plant that is shorter in size and structure. Therefore, every box is checked as you daze wanderingly into immense focus and relaxation. Pink Jungle is designed for growers of all skill and talent. Candy dessert terpenes dominate the industry currently, and there is no question this will be one of them. Are you ready to enter the Pink Jungle?
Profile picture: grown and documented by : @greenerskys, @qdaimonia

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Pink Jungle
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