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Pink Banger


Pink Banger
Sherbbanger #22 X Pink Sunset
Pink Sunset : Sunset Sherbert X Pink Runtz


6 seeds per pack.

This strain is a fuel for the senses. Bottom line gas drenched in fuel. We are here to elevate the game and bring you the best of the best that we can acquire. Pink Banger says it all. We’ve stuffed chemical sherbert into chemical sherbert. These strains perform similarly, stack similarly, and look similarly. The only difference is that Pink Sunset brings an intense pink candy flavor to this glass-laden monster. 9-10 weeks of flower ocean grown, so it’s resistant to bugs and powdery mildew. Get ready to enter the matrix.

We invite you to view our comprehensive photo documentation of Pink Sunset by following THIS link

Bred by Universally Seeded

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