We have decided to open our Secret Seed Stash. In the Secret Seed Stash, you will find special discounts, exclusive packages, pre-orders, unreleased strains, as well as special equipment.

Last year was tough, and the only way we could survive all the difficulties that we came across was through your support and trust. We have decided it’s time to give back and show you our gratitude for trusting us with your money and dedication.

As a member of our family, you will have access to exclusive content. We will build it together, but for the most part, you will find Universally Seeded’s private vault collection – things that we have never released at $10 to $35 prices. You will get access to special packages that we do not offer to the public. Additionally, you will have the ability to pre-order new drops at special prices. From time to time, we will be sending you freebies. You will also have the ability to order herb and more.

We are in the process of gathering data and selecting our members. If you have placed an order with us for $200 or more in the past 12 months, you will most likely get your access soon. You can speed up the process by emailing us. If you were a tester, you will also receive access. Alternatively, you can apply to become a tester (or choose another contribution) by clicking THIS link.

Yes, the Secret Seed Stash is our contribution to the family. Once you are in, you will have the option to discuss your tailored packages at discounted pricing, usually lower than wholesale pricing

If you didn’t have a chance to contribute before but would still like to get access to The Secret Seed Stash, you can place your order today and wait for your access. This industry is all about building a community and mutual trust.

Please click the button below and email us if you want to expedite your application or if you have any additional questions about the Secret Seed Stash

Don’t forget to visit our contributor section or become a TESTER.

Click the button below if you already have access to the vault!

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