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Sunset Teardz


Sunset Teardz
Angel Teardz X Pink Sunset
Angel Teardz : Flocked Sherbert X Pink Runtz (Sunset Sherbert X Powder Cakes)
Pink Sunset : Sunset Sherbert X Pink Runtz


6 seeds per pack.

Introducing Sunset Teardz, the ultimate solution for those seeking peacefulness and pain relief. With its unique blend of Sunset sherbert X Powder Cakes X Sunset Sherbert X Pink Runtz, it’s no wonder why Sunset Teardz is a show stopper.

Experience the creamy powdered pink gas saturated in candy, giving you a euphoric feeling like no other. Our expertly crafted product undergoes 9 weeks of flower and a fast vegetative state, ensuring you get the best quality possible.

The benefits of using Sunset Teardz are numerous. People find themselves feeling focused and peaceful while also experiencing pain relief and increased blood flow. Say goodbye to stress and discomfort and hello to a new, more relaxed you.

We’ve spent countless hours perfecting our formula to ensure we bring you the exact product you need to move into the future. The future is pink candy gas, and we’re proud to bring it to you through Sunset Teardz.

So why wait? Experience the ultimate in peacefulness, pain relief, and euphoria with Sunset Teardz today. Order now and feel the difference for yourself!

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Sunset Teardz