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Sunset Abduction


Sunset Abduction
Pink Abduction X Pink Sunset
Pink Abduction : Alien OG X Pink Runtz
Pink Sunset : Sunset Sherbert X Pink Runtz


6 seeds per pack.

Introducing Sunset Abduction – the perfect strain for those who seek an everyday-use cannabis experience that’s both long-lasting and deliciously flavorful. Our Pheno-hunted and stabilized Sunset Abduction (Pink Abduction X Pink Sunset) brings together a profile of limonene terpenes and a deep gassy humulene flavor that will leave your taste buds tingling for more.

Sunset Abduction is specially designed to stack uniformly and tightly with minimum pruning and secondary growth. This makes it a perfect staple for future projects and hunts. Don’t be alarmed by its stretching tendencies, as this strain has been stabilized to provide consistent growth.

But it’s not just the strain’s growing tendencies that make it stand out – it’s the benefits it brings to its users. Sunset Abduction delivers a balanced and long-lasting high that’s perfect for everyday use. Whether you’re looking for relaxation or a boost of creativity, this strain has got you covered.

Thanks to its deep and flavorful terpenes profile, Sunset Abduction is sure to make your mouth water and your senses come alive. With its unique combination of limonene and humulene, this strain provides not only a delicious taste but also a host of health benefits.

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Sunset Abduction