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Powdered Sherbert


Powdered Sherbert
Flocked Sherbert X Cement Shoes
Flocked Sherbert: Sunset Sherbert X Powder Cakes made with Cult Classics Seeds
Sunset Sherbert: Girl Scout Cookies X Pink Panties by Sherbinsky
Powder Cakes: Wedding Cake X Freshies
Freshies: Animal Cookies X OGKB X OGKB X Ultraviolet OG by CultClassicsSeeds


6 seeds per pack.

Powdered Sherbert is another fantasy beast bred from crossing: Sunset Sherbert (Girl Scout Cookies X Pink Panties) with Powder Cakes (Wedding Fantasy X Freshies) and Cement Shoes. Similar to Unicorn Sherbert’ beasts Powdered Sherbert also came from a different universe to give you another world experience. We were able to capture it but it’s best for you if you experience its true face on your own. It’s still a mystery and we signed a pack to not reveal its true face yet.

Although we can tell you a few details about Powdered Sherbert. You might experience a carmel sherb wedding cake with gasoline poured over it. Stacks like a bush, Powdered Sherbert also shows super dense nug structure so be prepared for everything. Don’t tell anybody though. It’s still a secret.

Bred by Universally Seeded

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Powdered Sherbert